We stock a wide range of pigments, powders and liquid colourants for Arts & Crafts applications.

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Manufactured in South Africa by Bastion Paint:

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Pearlescent and Metallic Pigment Powders

  • 11 pigments all suitable for interior and exterior use (non-fading).
  • Includes coated aluminium powders that are stable in water.
  • Includes very fine pigments and coarser pigments that create a sparkle effect.

Pearlescent Bright Gold

Pearlescent Amber Gold

Pearlescent Silver Sparkle

Pearlescent Silver-Medium

Pearlescent Silver-Fine

Pearlescent Bronze

Pearlescent Emerald

Pearlescent Malachite

Pearlescent Rufous

Aluminium Deep Silver Paste- Fine

Aluminium Bright Silver Pigment- Medium


Durable Glitter Powders

These are not cheap glitter powders as our glitters are all non-fading and chemical resistant.
This means they can be used in exterior applications and in solvent containing substances such as paints, resins and plastics.
They are suitable for high quality arts and crafts, and in industrial & automotive applications.

Our Blue Glitter used in Resin Art


Holographic Glitter Powder

Holographic Glitter sparkles silver, red, blue, green and colours in–between.
The sparkling colour changes with the slightest of movement.

Our Holographic Glitter used in Resin Art


Bright Neon Pigment Powders:

  • 6 vivid colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)
  • For interior use as the colours will fade in sunlight.
  • Fluorescent: These pigments will glow vividly under UV light.


Liquid Paint Colourants

  • 18 highly concentrated paint and resin colourants that are all non-fading making them perfect for interior and exterior and for highly durable art works.

  • Universal colourants that can be used in water based and solvent based systems.

  • Beware of cheaper tints sold in small bottles by some hardware stores. The Bright Reds and Bright Yellows will fade in sunlight within a few months and the tint concentration will be much lower.



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