Arts and Crafts Acrylics and Mediums

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Arts and Crafts Acrylic Paints

  • 14 colours.
  • Non-fading for Interior and Exterior applications.
  • Low PVC.
  • Medium Sheen.
  • Soft Body.
  • Pure Acrylic.
  • Low shrinkage on drying and low dried in stress.
  • High crack resistance.
  • Excellent balance of hardness and flexibility.


We also supply the following related products:

Flow Control, Cell Former and Silicone Oil for Acrylic Pouring / Flow Art
Gel Powder and Fixative Powder for Marbling
Surfactant for Marbling
Medium Acrylic Gel
Acrylic Texturing Gel
Clear Top Coat/Glazecoat and Pearl Top Coat

  • Pearls have a unique iridescent lustre. The translucent nature of our Pearl Top Coat creates this unique appearance.
  • A small amount of our Liquid Tints can be added to our Pearl Top Coat to create different coloured pearl effects.

Acrylic Paint Thickener
Acrylic Retarder
Texturing Glass Beads

And finally we have a wide range of products to enhance you creations. These include Pearlescent, Metallic, Neon and Glow-in-the-dark Pigments, Durable Glitter Powders, Liquid Colourants and Titanium Super White.

See also other sections of this website for many other speciality arts and crafts products.

Brilliant White


Charcoal Grey

Dark Brown

Maroon Oxide

Orange Oxide

Yellow Oxide

Red Oxide

Bright Red

Bright Yellow

Strong Blue

Strong Green

Deep Purple



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Bastion Paint Details

Bastion Paint Registration: 2007 / 072317 / 23
VAT: 4120243367
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Bastion Paint manufactures all paints in South Africa.