Bastion Paint products are supplied with durability guarantee periods that are clearly displayed on the products.

All guarantee periods have been responsibly determined through testing and via the application of the applicable modern technology. In most cases the actual life will far exceeded the guarantee period.

How to Register Your Guarantees:

No guarantee is valid if the paint has been used for the incorrect application or if the surface preparation or application method has been incorrect. In order to have some influence over this we require that the guarantee is registered within 30 days of purchase of the product.

Larger paint users such as painting contractors can automatically pass the guarantee period onto their customers simply by being registered with Bastion Paint once.

The concept here is that the contractor performing the painting knows how to prepare surfaces and apply paint correctly. The contractor must retain proof of purchase of Bastion Paint products as well as proof of payment from their customer (this will all be present in normal bookkeeping records).

To register your guarantee simply state the product purchased and the physical address to be painted. Leave the information as a message at 032 525 4491 or send an e-mail to

Once Registered, the full durability guaranteed period is covered.

Terms and Conditions:

Bastion Paint cc accepts absolutely no liability or responsibility for consequential losses resulting form the use of any of its products. In the unlikely event of a claim the compensation will be limited to free or discounted supply of replacement paint product. The costs of product removal and/or re-application will not be considered.

The registered paint Durability Guarantees apply to age induced problems such as flaking, peeling, cracking and similar defects only. No guarantees are given against chipping, scratching or wear and tear due to incorrect treatment.

Conditions of storage, surface preparations and application methods are all very important. The requirements are stated on most of the packaging or on labels and in the web site. These requirements do not differ from the normal requirements of other architectural paints so retailers can often also provide this information.

Our guarantees are not valid under any of the following conditions:

  • Paint applied by incorrect method (e.g. brush/roller paint applied by spray mechanism).
  • Paint applied to incorrect surfaces. Although our paints are versatile they are made for certain substrates.
  • Surface preparation prior to painting not adequate.
  • Failure to first use a suitable primer on new surfaces.
  • Additional coat applied less than 4 hours after previous coat or sooner than suitable in the case that previous coat was not our product.
  • Paint wet or rained on too soon after application (allow 10 hours).
  • Paint washed vigorously or scrubbed within 2 weeks of application.
  • Paint frozen while in storage, stored in direct sunlight, stored above 30 degrees C, stored without the container being sealed or paint not stored in its original container.
  • Paint purchased more than a year prior to being used.
  • Painting undertaken in strong direct sunlight or on hot surface (above 30 degrees C).
  • Painting undertaken below 10 degrees C.
  • Water (from any source) gets to the paint from beneath the paint layer. A typical cause of this could be wall damp.
  • Painted surface abnormally heated due to close proximity to things like heaters or fire places.
  • Painted surface subject to any form of chemical attack
  • Painted surface subject to foundation movement or ground movement.

Proof of purchase must be available when any guarantee claim is made.